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Yvette's students range from kids from  as young as 6 years old to working adults up to 60 years old. They range from school-going children, teenagers, housewives, businessmen, working adults, with a number of them already professional singers, but looking to refine and improve their singing to high standards. Below are testimonials from past students - some are working adults who take lessons for leisure, some are from parents of  the young kids she has taught and professional musicians who wanted coaching to refine and elevate their singing skills further .


"I started lessons with Yvette some three years ago as a way of going back to reconnect with vocal basics and to learn projection. Yvette has a solid grounding on the singing techniques that really get the voice and tone out without killing the voice in the process. I was surprised at what she’s coaxed out of me; the range, timbre/tone and volume has dramatically improved. She also has tremendous experience as a performer and she brings that with her. She is able to provide an unique blend of methodology and interpretation with a wide range of genres. I have found myself singing everything. They stretch from operatic arias to theatre song to mainstream pop and jazz, which includes learning how to scat! Yvette’s dedication to her craft is total and she demands excellence from her students which can only bring them to perform to the best of their abilities. " - Ho Kah Keh, bass/baritone, former Budak Pantai alumnus


" Yvette is capable of teaching real singing/vocal techniques. She emphasizes on proper foundation, especially on developing vocal projection without harming the throat. While Jazz repertoire is her forte, Yvette can also cover other vocal genres and teach the respective techniques to produce the required tone and style of the preferred genre that the student would like to learn. I found my comfortable singing range, suitable genre/singing style and also improved on vocal projection under 1.5 years of tutelage by Yvette. Yvette is the teacher for you if you are sincere and keen to learn, understand and improve on vocal techniques."  - Lerain Lee, MOE Music Teacher


" I just want to give a major shoutout to this powerhouse of a woman, Yvette Atienza, Singapore's Queen of Latin Jazz, for helping me with vocal coaching these past few weeks. Incredible how well she understands the machinery of the vocal chords, and explains it in a way that I understand 🙈 so that I hear immediate improvement.. 😀 And on top of that, she's been massively supportive of my adventures!! THANK YOU for your help and your good vibes!! ❤ I'd say, if anyone is looking for a vocal coach.. look no further!"    - Helena Hulsman, Dutch Jazz and Pop Singer/Composer, Semi-finalist, Shure Montreux Jazz Vocal Competition, 2017


" Dear Yvette, Great Thanks! I just wanted to say that Ellen really enjoyed her lessons with you.  Even though she had only been taking  lessons for a short while, I was very happy she had the confidence to perform at the recital. She has really enjoyed her lessons with you and is blossoming with the development of her voice and the resultant  confidence." 

- Samantha Samlal, mother to Ellen Samlal, 12 years , Australian International School


" Our son, Rohan, has been learning  vocal  lessons from  Yvette Atienza, since he was in Preparatory ( 6 years old), Rohan is now 10 years old in Grade 5. When Rohan was young, we were a little concerned about giving Rohan vocal lessons at such a young age.  However,  we have never looked back, since starting with Yvette . 
Yvette has made the  whole singing experience one that every child could dream of. Yvette makes lessons very enjoyable and certainly helps Rohan gain the confidence ne needs for performing. 
Yvette has given Rohan lots of opportunities to perform with school recitals, and these have helped Rohan immensely. He has even started going  to outside auditions for musical productions and been asked to call back  auditions, even making the finals of the latest Lion King  Musical in Singapore.
Rohan used to sing from his throat much earlier on, but Yvette has now taught Rohan how to sing from the diaphragm, Rohan now feels much more relaxed when singing 

Yvette is even starting to teach Rohan how to sightsing, and to read music, which is going to benefit him in the long run. He has even been taught piano to accompany his voice, which will be a great asset to him, too, in the future. 
Every bit of training that Yvette has given Rohan he has definitely put into practice. We have noticed that  his voice has  gotten stronger and he really knows how to use his voice, and understands his voice better now as he has gotten older. The confidence Rohan has gained in Singing has not only given him the confidence to get up on stage,  but also the confidence with many other attributes in life. Thank you, Yvette!"  
- Yolande Dick, mother to Rohan Dick, 10 years old, Australian International School 

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