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Yvette's students range from kids from  as young as 6 years old to working adults up to 60 years old. They range from school-going children, teenagers, housewives, businessmen, working adults, with a number of them already professional singers, but looking to refine and improve their singing to high standards. Below are testimonials from past students - some are working adults who take lessons for leisure, some are from parents of  the young kids she has taught and professional musicians who wanted coaching to refine and elevate their singing skills further .


“After going through training with Yvette, my songs now sound stronger and more in control. I am also more confident, especially when hitting the high notes. I am so excited to write new songs as I can experiment with more tones and vocal ranges. I will definitely continue with Yvette in my ongoing musical journey.”
- Nicolette Yuen,  Singaporean songwriter-singer


“Yvette is a fantastic teacher - identifying my strengths, style and needs quickly and easily. She designed her lessons around the music I requested and the style I needed to work on for my performances as well as bringing in great ideas and suggestions of her own. Yvette made theory and practical connections clear and made lessons positive and challenging”
- Kalliope Coplin; Managing Director for Band on the Run & Lead Vocalist for popular local group 10 Seconds 


" It has been a great privilege for me to have studied with Yvette.I found her coaching and singing technique excellent and a great help when i was preparing and recording for my album last year. She is one of those rare teachers that really goes all out to help you in your endeavour and to help you succeed and that’s why she herself is such a fine artist and singer. I would and have recommended her to anyone who wishes to improve their singing skills at any level or style such is her experience and versatility as a teacher.”
- Adrian Lalani, Lead Singer for Cat’s Cradle


“My brief to Yvette was to help me sing contemporary songs, leaving behind my choir singer’s voice and mindset. We  had a lot of fun achieving that. Without her help, I doubt I would have felt the courage to sing with a band and go after the music I love. Yvette is a rigorous teacher. Her extensive performance experience and understanding of what audiences want means that her teaching is also practical and focused.”
- Paula Kelly, Australia



“I took voice tuition from Yvette for the full year 2007. I had been learning guitar and wanted to improve my singing, being a complete novice. I found Yvette to be a very professional, friendly and effective coach. During the course of the year, my vocal range increased and the quality of my singing improved considerably. Yvette was both encouraging and demanding, teaching me a great deal about technique and the physiology of singing. I have no hesitation in recommending Yvette.”
- Tony Monley, Victoria, Australia



“Our daughter Sophie (8 years old) had been lucky enough to have Yvette teach her singing all year at the Australian International School Singapore. During this time, she has truly blossomed into a confident singer who knows how to breathe and warm up properly, and has loved going to lessons where there has been a wide variety of songs available to sing. I have no hesitation in recommending Yvette as a singing teacher.”
- Dr. Victoria Buntine, Dunsfold Drive, Singapore


" Dear Yvette, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for teaching my daughter Gabriella for the past year and a half for singing lessons. Throughout this time, I have seen and heard Gabriella develop not only her singing ability, but also her passion for singing and her confidence towards singing in front of others. I have been very impressed with your voice training lessons and have very much appreciated you allowing me to watch and learn whilst attending some of Gabriella’s lessons, in order to assist her at home. I hope I will be able to find a teacher in Sydney who will be as good as you!”
- Rebecca Proctor, Sydney, Australia


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