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"My daughter, Meg,  has been taking Singing Lessons with Yvette since she was in Year 5, when she was 10  years old. She has improved tremendously in her singing  from her lessons with Ms Yvette - learning the proper breathing, projection and pitching techniques, to bring out the best in her voice. 

When Meg started, she used to sing from her nose  and also her throat, but lessons with Yvette have taught her to sing from the diaphragm and redirect the sound AWAY from her throat and nose, but instead come from the diaphragm and with a relaxed throat. Meg has now developed a nice and powerful alto voice and has acquired confidence and a boost in her self-esteem, allowing her to sing different types of songs - theatre and popular music. Yvette has also taught her the rudiments of music and sightsinging. She looks forward to her Trinity Singing Exam at the end of the year."- Lisa Newman, mother to Meg Newman, Year 8, Australian International School 


"My daughter, Natasha Paine, has been taking lessons with Yvette Atienza for the past 2 years. Since starting these lessons, Yvette has trained Natasha, with a variety of exercises, the proper breathing technique from the diaphragm and to relax her larynx and shoulders while singing. She has taught Natasha not to  sing from the front of her throat, but instead, to let it resonate at the back of the throat where the larynx and phrarynx meet. Yvette trains her on this and reminds her of this at each lesson. Using this technique, Natasha has improved in her singing and finds it easier to sing this way." - Marina Paine. mother of Natasha Paine, Year 7, Australian International School 


"My daughter Alison has been studying singing with Yvette Atienza for approximately 1 year. Alison recently performed a solo at a school recital.  She could never have done this without having gained the confidence from her  lessons with Yvette. Understanding how the voice works and how to control it has given her the confidence to perform. Before starting lessons, Alison sang comfortably within the middle range. Within a few months, she had widened her range by four whole notes on both sides - higher and lower range. Through vocalising and practising specific exercises aimed at strengthening the diaphragm, Alison is now able to sing a wider range of notes. 
Prior to taking lessons, Alison didnt' use the proper breathing technique and tended to sing from the throat, which sometimes made the notes flat and often resulted in a sore throat. Since using the proper breathing technique, Alison has had little trouble with her throat and her singing sounds smoother from breathing and singing from the diaphragm." - Karen Paris, mother of Alison Paris, Year 8, Australian International School 

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