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Jazz Will Never Die Because People Will Always Want to Create

I always encounter people and articles talking about jazz being not commercial enough, and so that's why it is dying; and that it is a losing game; and that it is a form of self-masturbation, and that there is no money in jazz, yadda yadda yadda yadda, etc etc etc, I smile politely and accomodatingly, and say, "Oh, really??!!.. Wowwww...." and then put on my best-actress-award-winning-distressed-crying-eyes look. You know what? We jazz artistes don't really care. We don't really care what you guys think! We're going to go on creating and improvising on the spot for as long as the sun shines and world turns, so stop already! To all the jazz naysayers out there, I have news for you. Jazz will never die because people will always want to create. Jazz will never die because there will always be people so full of music in them that they have to express their musicality everyday in a hundred million notes and timbre and tones. Jazz will never die because playing your ass off improvising is the most random enjoyable activity for a lot of musicians. Most of all, there actually are people who are "born to do it." I watched overwhelmed with awe and gratitude to a Higher Being the first time I saw and heard this Wonder Boy Joey Alexander play. I sat there stunned and thinking, "How can he be only 11 years old and yet have that kind of harmony so complex and deep in his head that he wants to express withi his hands?" Well, I have to say this comes from somewhere and someone High Up there, where it was decreed that this boy will help spread beauty and joy in this hard world we live in. I say the Gods above assigned this wonderful musical gift to this little boy saying, "He will astound and delight and heal all those who hear him, and make people remember that there is beauty and peace and purity in this world." This is why Jazz will never die. There are people born every now and then with the gift to play and sing it so beautifully randomly it cannot be helped that it touches your soul. I invite all the jazz naysayers out there to watch this wonderful young boy and I dare them to say jazz is on its way out.

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